Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Maybe I Belong in Nordeast

Last night Matt walked from our house down here - downtown Minneapolis and we went to dinner. He started out walking to Kowalski's. Then we couldn't decide what we wanted for dinner and he said he'd just meet me here. And then he walked all the way down here. He's is insane.

We went to Bulldog NE for another disappointing bacon cheeseburger and I ordered truffled tots and got a small handful of regular tots. I was so dissatisfied. I'm sure it was just because it was Monday, because usually Bulldog is outstanding.

Wanting our date night to continue, we decided to go for a drink at Grumpy's. This should be our neighborhood bar. I was seriously thinking that maybe when we relocate it should be to Nordeast. It's got all my requirements, Lunds, bars, restaurants and walkability. Hell, we got engaged at Dusty's! How Nordeast is that? Plus, it's closer to where I work and closer to Matt's school. And did I mention that they have a Gumpy's over there!? Sigh. June is going to be a long wait.

While we were there, we were outside smoking on the patio and there's this one legged guy talking with a couple of his buddies while seated in a little Rascal type thing. The conversation went like this: Oh, before I tell you, there was this guy that had just been poured into a cab, he was literally fall down drunk. I mean it. He fell down. So, being the friendly neighborhood joint that it is, one guy baby-sat him and another regular got into a cab to take Sloshy home. Okay conversation: Three guys - five legs.

"What do you owe me money for?" Guy who cared for Sloshy.

"For the cab for Steve." One Legged Man

"Oh, Chuck just paid it out of the register." Extra Dude.

"Nawh man, let me give you 10 bucks."

"No, no, Chuck took a $20 out of the register it's cool." Sloshy carrier.

"Don't worry about it. I can make it up in tips from my other job." One Legged Man pauses for effect. "From my restaurant job.... at the IHOP." And, I shit you not, he stood up and fucking hopped! I love this bar!!


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