Monday, October 15, 2007

If Only....

Dear Joy,

Are you okay? Sick?

I don't mean to nag but haven't you been eating? I usually check out your blog a couple times a week to read your delicious reviews that make me want to run out and eat.
I miss your blog.


Dear Sherry,

Unfortunately, no, I am not sick or even trapped under something very heavy. I am boring. I KNOW! Por que!? What? Me, boring? Yes, it's true. I've been so wrapped up in my faboo new job that I have let you all down. Yes! You who matter most! You who provide my peaked little opinions the light to grow and florish.
I'm a wretched excuse for a blogger! I mean, here you are, caring what I had to eat for lunch, and I'm not even sharing!
So, here's the problem - with the busy and another weekend out of town I haven't even had any sort of an interesting meal since Jay's! Tragically, I've eaten boring food at the Muddy Pig - who I used to love so! And I just had this chicken noodle soup from Macy's the viciously burned my tongue.
Tonight, I plan to go home and wallow. I don't have anything in the fridge or any dining companions. Matt's out working at the bar and I was hoping that maybe we could go out tomorrow night, but no! Instead he's going to see these guys and relive some misguided college days with his hetero-life partner Zack.
Where we will go even if I had a dining buddy is another form of torture. I'd hit Jay's again, but they aren't open again until Wednesday! There are interesting restaurants, but I'm gonna have to recite that stupid refrain that there is barely anywhere decent to spend a dime on food in the Saintly City.
And guess what? It gets worse!! I finally broke down and told the landlord that we needed a new stove. Del Oven ain't cuttin' it. All I can throw together is a stir fry because it's got two temperatures, Off and steamy attick of the fifth demention of Hell hot. They.aren' Can you believe that!? I even found a FREE upgrade from NUNS and they just had to pick it up, dump it in the house and call it a day.
I was told that WE can go get it (don't mess up the floors) and just store Diablo Del Kitchen in the garage. IN THE GARAGE with four chairs, two useless shelves and a broken washing machine. I won't be able to fit the g.d. car in the GARAGE anymore.
Sigh. We live in the wrong neighborhood. I don't know if you've picked up on that. I've been doing my best to, ya know, keep it quiet. It's blue collar, hard working and safe. But it is pale, people. And it is seriously devoid of dining destinations.
So, what to do until I move? For one, I'm hoping J.Lo's gonna come through on this hook up she mentioned to me about a certain highly anticipated restaurant opening in Minneapolis, but that's about it. Sad and boring am I.
So, know anyone want to sublet a subpar little cottage on the cheap?



At 3:55 PM , Anonymous andy said...

I've got some thoughts for you...Alexis Bailley and the 11AM flight of reds, whites, and a fortified; the Staghead plus garlic cheeseburger, Cajun Caesar Salad, Applewood Smoked Bacony-Mustardy Chicken Sandwich, beaucoup bread, minus the 40-minute wait; Lake City minus two bad Dove Bars, plus one good OREO frozen treat; the Monarch plus the soaked chili chips and Uncle Harry's Burger, minus the missing Bistro Mustard Sauce; Maiden Rock Orchard plus the Honeycrisps; and Stockholm plus the Apple Cranberry Door County Peninsula Wine. You've got fodder, lady.


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