Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm gonna be... a STAR!!

Okay, check out this email that I got today:


My name is Sarah McKitterick and I am on the casting team for The Next Food Network Star 4. We are having an open call on October 9th at the Chambers Hotel in Minneapolis and I wanted to pass along the information in case you think it is of interest to your readers.

Here’s all the info:


The Chambers Hotel

901 Hennepin Ave

Minneapolis , MN 55403



Date 10/9/07

Time- 10pm-4pm


Two photos (which we will keep)

A resume/bio

A completed application (downloaded from www.foodnetwork.com)

What we're looking for:

-Cooking know-how: You can be self-taught or professionally trained or somewhere in between, but you should know the basics and then some.

-Personality that pops: Let yourself shine and show us who you really are. We are all about personality – show us yours!

-Teaching skills: Bring the world of food and cooking to life in your very own passionate and unique way.

If you need any further information or have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks for your time.


Sarah McKitterick

Casting Assistant

Next Food Network Star 4

CBS EYE too Productions

555 West 57th Street

8th Floor

New York , NY 10019



So, of course I first read it and think: SPAM from lurking on the site for Rachel Ray recipes that I will never make. But upon closer inspection there was this line:
"and I wanted to pass along the information in case you think it is of interest to your readers."

My readers!? You mean all those delightful folks who twitter away moments of their day reading MY moderately entertaining opinions? Why SURE!!! I'd LOVE to pass this on to my readers!
Readers! Look! TV open calls!
You know, this might even be fun to do. I've got personality to spare and some culinary skills. Some. My mom has more in her baby finger, but she's got a couple of years on me.
If you go - please let me know all about it! If anyone wants to go with me, email me and let me know. I might be persuaded just because I know I'm never standing in that ridiculous line for American Idol try-outs no matter how well I can throw down in the shower. Meanwhile, I don't even have my name in the telephone book. How else will I ever be somebody?


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