Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Open Letter

To Whomever was so kind to share their cookies with the office:

While I am happy to see the spirit of sharing brought into the office and I am a big fan of Girl Scout cookies in general, I cannot fathom what brought you to the conclusion to order sugar free brownie cookies.

Perhaps you thought that they were healthier for you. But don't you deserve more? Don't you deserve the gluttonous glory of scarfing down an entire tube of Thin Mints in one sitting?

Well, if that was your thinking, then the diet cookies have done their job. You're not eating them. Instead, you inflict the false hope on your unsuspecting coworkers. Hmmm... brownie cookies... yu.. Oh, wait! What is this? SUGAR FREE!? Oh the humanity.

So next time, should you be so kind, please, really, bring on the Tag A Longs

Thank you,

A Concerned Citizen


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