Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kid Sister

I was so good about keeping up on posting last week that I really wanted to get you something entertaining to read when you probably should be working, but I haven't been out enough this week to find anything great.
So, I thought I'd tell you a little bit more about me and my family, more specifically my sister. This is her boozing it up at my wedding. (And that's Eric next to her.)
So, Julie is my one and only sibling so it gives us a special bond. No one else on Earth knows all that we've been through good and bad. We can speak in our own odd twin speak hodge podge of movie quotes and goofs on other family members. Example, she's the only one who knows why I yell in my best old lady voice, into the phone, "JULIE?" whenever she answers a call from me.
She's great. And funny. We have so much fun together, so I'm really looking forward to having her at my house this weekend. The problem is her diet. We both started out life as particularly picky eaters. I was probably even worse because I have never been a fan of Kraft Mac n Cheese. What kid doesn't swoon for a yellow pile of flavor goo? While I've definitly branched out, she's still stuck in odd ruts. Julie appears to have killed off every taste bud in her mouth, except for the one that detects sour. A regular days food will consist of grapefruit, pickles and salad dressing. Not on a salad, mind you, just the dressing. And only her homemade (damn good) Lawry's extra vinegary dressing.
So, I'm contemplating what to do with her. On the one hand, I did get a jumbo jar of pickles in anticipation. On the other... I feel like I should do something drastic. Drizzle liquid chocolate down her throat when she's sleeping. Or maybe sling shot a truffle oil touched crostini at her. When she's suprised. Hm. Boink her on the head with a Serrano ham?
Of course, I did get her violently ill by forcefeeding her wretched Paella from Chino Latino that one time. Maybe I should leave her alone? What kind of big sister would I be if I did that?
Any suggestions?


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