Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tastiest Poo Resembling Food Ever

Oh, my God, what an ordeal my mother has been through in the past few days. Last Thursday, while jet setting in Spain, she fell and broke her wrist! It was so terrible to hear that and not be able to actually get to her or help in anyway. Luckily, being the sturdy little Scot that she is, she soldiered on. (Amazing she could break a bone from a fall when we're already so conveniently located near the ground.) There was no way she was going to let a 40 lb plaster cast impede her trip. Oh, no.
There are pictures of her lugging this thing around in Guadi architectural setting and slurping up fresh oysters. I am so envious of the food that she encountered there. Swordfish right off the boat that they took back to the little kitchenette in the hotel and cooked up. Teeny succulent crabs, seafood cocktail dressed ever so lightly with aoili and exotic spices. Paella in the actual city that is credited with inventing Paella! It was prepared with chorizo, rabbit and chicken. I'm SO JEALOUS! Well, a little bit, but without the whole hospital visit and everything.
She brought back for me a big tin of saffron, hot Spanish paprika, fresh Bay leaves and these glorious little gems. She has so got Mom of the year in the bag.



At 8:17 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What exactly is the tasty poo? Truffles of some sort? (Oooh, big inference there. I are smart!)

At 9:22 AM , Blogger Joy Estelle said...

Yes, they're black truffles, which apparently can be purchased in gas stations there. Very odd.


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