Thursday, August 23, 2007

State Fair Time

I love that they chose my absolute favorite local artist Michael Birawer to do this year's poster. He's awesome, if you aren't familiar with his work, you should really check it out.
So, I wasn't really planning on going to the fair this year. Sunday's our anniversary and I had - a month ago - made reservations at Heartland. I was so excited because it's really not the sort of thing that we can generally afford, but I had a gift certificate. I was going to be dining on the haute local cuisine! Now, I'll be dining on hot cheese. Not that this is an entirely bad thing. It's just not what I had in mind.
BUT, I think it's a sin in Matt's family if you don't go to the fair. His mom and sister (Peggy of the poor spelling/ stove pushing fame below) have entered baked goods for competition. My mom and sister excitedly called me earlier in the week to let me know that they were coming down and able to get discounted tickets for all of us. Won't that be great!? Well... yeah. I mean, I love them. I want to see them. But dammit I wanted Lenny Russo to dazzle me!
Yeah, I know, I've got to get over it. So, instead, I'm wondering if anybody has any ideas on what should be my first tasty item ingested at the Great Minnesota Get Together? I'll have to go to the food area for the cheese curds - that's not debatable. My mom wants the cream puffs. I usually get a Scotch egg because A.) I'm Scottish and B.) Somewhat Egg Shaped. But what am I missing? What's your favorite fair food?


At 8:08 AM , Anonymous Loberg said...

Ooh, ooh! Me first! Australian battered potatoes with cheese and ranch dressing, mini porketta (cue Homer Simpson drool), apple fries, chocolate shake from the UofM Dairy Club (reliving my St Paul campus days), mini-donuts (natch), root beer. And you people better have a ProntoPup because my great-grandparents sold them at the Fair for 32 years.

At 2:47 PM , Blogger Joy Estelle said...

Is there a designated stand from which I should buy these pups? Or just have a general pup?

At 7:36 AM , Anonymous loberg said...

Just a general pup in their honor.


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