Monday, June 25, 2007

The More Things Change...

Friday night I had a powerful craving for some Cheng's Garden take out (612.821.1111) Back when I lived in the shining valley of the Phillips neighborhood, I'd discovered this great little hole-in-the-wall Chinese food take out place. It's a family run joint in the strip mall across from Ghetto Kmart and the little girl that used to do her homework in the corner is now running the cash register and answering the phones in Mandarin, Spanish or English. Cheng actually remembered me when I went in there - which was awesome. I remember when I had to tell him that Steamed Dumplings had dumped me, and it would only be a single order of Pork Fried Rice from here on out. Or his confusion when I showed up with Sweet & Sour Chicken, who would eventually become Mr. Pork Fried Rice Combo. It was great to be there and I laughed at myself for how nervous the city used to make me. (Understandably, I moved from the sunny country side to North Minneapolis gang warfare to crack house Phillips. I was a little jumpy in general.)

On my drive back to the Saintly City, I stopped by Chicago Lake Liquors. Again, what the hell was I so afraid of back then? These are just people getting their drink on for the weekend! Besides, there's a cop right there. Inside I was hunting for a certain old friend - one I'd vacationed with back in Colorado a couple of years ago - and there it was! Fat Tire Ale!! Buddy!! The only thing is, they only had them in 40's. So, yes, I went home and sat on my busted ass couch inhaling pork fried rice and swilling a 40. I've come a long way baby.


At 2:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheng's is so yummy!!!!! Thank you for introducing me to such a heavenly place. And I'm pleased to admit I am currently enjoying some Fat Tire as I sit here at the office watching the clock.


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