Friday, June 15, 2007

Mission Decidedly Unaccomplished

What is UP with this place? Why can't they pull it together. I'd heard the Doug Flicker from my dear, departed Auriga was working the kitchen at Mission American Kitchen these days. First, I sent over one of my unsuspecting coworkers, but one whose taste I trust and he reported back that it wasn't all that great. The food was still where it's been stuck for what seems like ages - it's just not that great!
Yesterday, I convinced another buddy from work to buy me a couple over there while I lent an ear to his plight. My real mission (punny!!) was to test this food business out. We sat down in one of the booths facing 7th Street, better to watch the people! These things are ridiculous, really. The tall backs covered in faux fur is just gross. I don't want that stuff in my food!! The gross factor was upped by this article that I'd read not too long ago about faux fur from China being from something called a raccoon dog, another creature exhibiting proof of evolution's (or God's, whatever) sense of humor. Barf.
So, anyway, we sit down and both nail our shins on the incredibly low little table. I was having a hard time imaging how I was going to figure out a way to eat off of this thing. Slightly daunted, we only ordered the seared scallops and the deviled eggs. Our server was great until she started complaining about the owners not allowing her to be a bartender. I nodded sympathetically while my work buddy oggled her tongue ring. He's easier to please than picky me.
The scallops arrived underdone, thinly sliced into little medallions that only spent a couple of minutes on the grill to create a nice sear with only salt and pepper. It could be a gorgeous dish of simplicity, but it really missed the mark. They were served over a little bed of diced, underripe mango salsa that was really just mangos and a remnant of what may have once been a chili.
The eggs were fine, simple and expected. They were seasoned in a way that anyone who's ever been to a potluck would recognize.
Now you might be thinking that this really isn't a fair assessment, two tiny appetizers do not a review make. But I gotta pay for this stuff with my own money, people! I'm scared to try anything else there! It's always disappointing and my passionate love for all things Auriga could be tarnished if I knew that Doug Flicker was letting me down like this! Please someone tell me that mean rumor is untrue.
It's a shame because there's something about this place that is so openly begging to be cool. And it's just so not! Poor Mission is the stonewashed denim of downtown Minneapolis.


At 3:53 PM , Blogger Taylor said...

Sux that the apps didn't measure up and your waitress was whiny. I'm a big fan of Mission and have always had a good time there.

Also, everything in there is from the U.S. -- hence "American Kitchen" -- so the furry chairs aren't raccoons from China.

At 5:53 AM , Blogger Chungsiew O said...


At 10:19 AM , Blogger Joy Estelle said...

That's comforting on the chairs. The raccon dog article creeped me out.


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