Friday, May 25, 2007

No Dice

No, I did not win anything last night! I hate bingo! But I do love beer, so I'm sure that I'll be back before too long. Matt and I have discovered the best pizza to order at Skinner's, though.
I marvel every time I have another amazing meal at how much work goes in to the cooking at this bar. There is no other divey bar in this state or Wisconsin that I have found that has food this good. Pete Skinner makes EVERYTHING from scratch! He's crazy. Really, he roasts the beef for the French dip, hand forms each patty of hamburger, mixes all of the salad dressings, really. He does it all. And while there are a couple of standards like the buffalo chicken sandwich, that aren't much that could get a decent replica anywhere, you will not top those pizzas! And the over all quality of the food can't be beat when you're ordering a pint for $2.50.
Okay, so here's the absolute perfect pizza from Skinner's Italian sausage, bacon and kraut with light cheese, well done. I know! I had you all the way to the kraut and then I lost you, right? I know it's insane, but you have to believe me. This pizza is a sooooooooo good. Soooooooo good. From what I can tell, the kraut on a pizza is a purely St. Paul goofy thing. Usually, it's ordered with sausage and sauerkraut. I tried this once very, very, very drunk. And loved it. When I was sober it went back to being one of the most abhorrent food combinations in creation.
Then Pete put a Reuben pizza on the menu and I did like that, although it's a little messy to eat. Caraway seeds are baked into a crust that's topped with Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut and the best corned beef that city has ever seen. Matt flatly refuses to allow me to order this pizza. He can be kind of a doo-doo head in that respect.
I can't fathom what caused us to order this combo last night, but it is so good. The sauerkraut melts into the pizza - you hardly know it's there, but for this tangy background flavor that creates a symphonic pairing when put together with the salty, crunchy deliciously porky bacon. It's a match made in bar food heaven. I couldn't stop marvelling over the tastiness of this pizza.
Now, let's say you got past the kraut (doubtful) and noticed that we got less cheese, that's because the amount of cheese on these pizzas is absurd. That's right. The Wisconsin lover said too much cheese. The crust is nicely thin and crispy. Five pounds of mozzarella cheese it too much. People who order extra cheese are usually the unfortunate sort that order Domino's. That's not real pizza, kids and it's definitely not made of a substance that can be described as "cheese." It's cardboard melty goo that should be avoided at all costs and only consumed at 3 a.m. in some stranger's living room after the hooka is empty and the keg has been drained. Then and only then will that sustain you.
But I digress.
Please, if you still haven't gone over there, you have got to try eating at this little bar. Better - go on a Thursday and bring your bingo dotter! Next week's prize is already up to $100!
(Skinner's bar - corner of Milton and Randolph, two blocks down the hill on Randolph off of 35E)

Tonight is happy hour! It's a long weekend and me and J.Lo are hitting Bulldog Northeast tonight! Wooo hoo! Bring on the big pour!


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