Thursday, May 24, 2007


What do you get when you combine granny's old favorite Bingo with the local sauce of choice Beer? BEERGO!! Every Thursday night Skinner's has this magically auspicious combination. And there's always the pizza - fresh mozzarella cheese, handmade Italian sausage, perfectly seasoned sauce with shimmying notes of basil and oregano all on a crunchy brown crust. I could end up wining something as snazzy as the Pabst T-Shirt Matt was so kind to model in the pasta maker post OR $50! Which will it be? Who can say, although I've already got a T-Shirt. My Schell's "Herbivores Do It Better" trumps that old red, white and blue any day of the week and twice on Slursdays! Who's ready to play!?



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