Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Best of the City

Okay, so last year I went a little overboard in my review of the City Pages Best of the City article. I couldn't help myself! I'd just experienced a wretched dining experience at dubplex and I was pissed off. And you don't know pissed off until you see this girl denied a decent dining experience,and left $45 poorer. Oh, that was so bad, I don't even want to think about it. I'm leaving it in my past like the nightmare parking of Uptown. I have moved on.
Now, I'm happily living in the same city that gave us the best restaurant of the year and the best chef. It is true, Heartland is amazing. I only wish I could save up the ching to get into that regular dining room. But, the more casual wine bar suits me just fine.
This year they also got the Best Chinese food right by selecting my new love Little Szechwan. And, it's true, really. I know that you might be afraid of the heat, but go, embrace the pain. It's the good kind. Plus, all those peppers leave you feeling a little high, which is probably why I'm like a junkie for this place. I must get more TOFU!!! Can't you see I'm hurtin' real bad!?
I saw that on that listing, the readers selected Rainbow Chinese, which is better than LeeAnn Chin, and their Szechwan wontons make me weak in the knees, but it's just not fair to compare bean curd to Ma Po Tofu.
Also, I've finally got some new joints to go check out. It's been a while since I hit a new restaurant, but it seems like nothing new has opened lately to interest me. You will not ever, EVER catch me setting one foot inside this chain Fogo de Chao that just opened up a block away from where I work. Nor will I be dining in a strip mall in Woodbury anytime soon.
But, Best Outdoor Dining went to Swede Hollow, which I have got to check out. It's up the hill, just on the East side of St. Paul up by the Metro State University. I thought that was kind of a shady part of town, but I like the sounds of this little cafe. Also, best expensive Italian went to I Nonni and I'm one freeway exit away from them! It does look pricey, but don't I deserve a nice dinner out with the one I love? I think so.
And the best seafood place went to Sea Salt! That's the little stand that they opened up (a year ago?) in Minnehaha park. I love Minnehaha park! I was just at that Dairy Queen. If I can happily dine on soft serve dipped in chocolate while some stranger's dog is licking my foot, what would I do if I could actually be sucking down fresh, briny oysters!? Really good seafood in Minneapolis? Is this possible!? Maybe not, but I'm willing to give it a try.
And not one of those new places is far from me. Although, my battle with the kitchen of the St. Paul house is far from over, maybe my desolation in the Eastern city is evaporating. Finally, with fresh spring green eyes, I'm seeing that this really is a pretty beautiful place.


At 8:29 AM , Blogger reetsyburger said...

We cruise by Sea Salt on our motorcycle. The Catfish po'boy was good. The beer was good. The lines can be LONG. Prepare thyself.


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