Friday, March 30, 2007

Run Down on My Week

How did this happen? I've been out nearly every night this week and still I haven't had a single thing to write up! Why? Because I haven't been anywhere GOOD! And I haven't been anywhere horrendously bad, either! Well, last night was pretty wretched food-wise, but the company couldn't have been much better.

First, there was Monday at Sweeny's. The chicken wings were really well fried, but the seasoning was lackluster. The Buffalo wings had an odd sweetness to them. The Gyro salad was surprisingly good, though. Of course it's just that kind of gyro meat that you can get at the grocery store on top of a bag of salad. If it had been served to me at any other restaurant, I would probably hate it. But the super strong vodka lemonades and the sunshine really had a rosy affect on me.

Wednesday I went with my coworkers to a little happy hour at McCoys. I did get the parking spot right at the front door. SCORE!! The specials were cheap pizzas and discounts on beer and well drinks. You'd think that I was gonna get a decent glass of wine since they're related to and next door to Brix wine bar/bistro blah spot. But no. Black Opal Shiraz is not good. So, I slung back rum & cokes and we ordered some pizzas. We got pepperoni, Margarita and a smoked chicken and bacon. They were okay. I didn't get to try the Margarita, but that was fine. Tomatoes are so awful right now. The pepperoni was fine, the chicken was overly smokey, but there was bacon and about fifteen types of cheese, so that was edible. Not great, though. I wished I had to two minute drive home that I would have had were I still living in Minneapolis, but no. Two hours later I arrived home.

Yesterday I met up with some friends at Fabulous Ferns. It is so not Fab. We had the Kalbi wings. We don't know what that means. It begins with a K so it must be forgien? Yeah, I dunno. They are really just tasty Teriyaki wings. Then I thought I wasn't that hungry, so I ordered a side salad. I am such an IDIOT! Sarah got the chicken wild rice salad that didn't have a ton of wild rice and what there was wasn't fully cooked. Also, the dressing was a little sweet for me. Tony ordered the club croissant, which I'm sure was wonderful. He was sitting too far away from me to steal a bit. Matt didn't eat anything because he went and got GOOD food at Cossetta's. He's a smart one. Laura got crab cakes that smelled fishy, but tasted fine as long as you avoid the tartar sauce. Oh my dear GOD was that a bowl of awful.

Then there's my salad. My sad $5 teeny little salad. The tomatoes were GREEN on the inside. The lettuce was all iceburg and there were NO croutons. WTF like a little stale bread on my plate would kill their overhead?! How about a little charity cheese, but NO! I spent $5 on a head of watery lettuce. Which doesn't seem like a lot, but really, I could have shoved that five bucks in my mouth with a dollop of Ranch dressing and been a lot happier with the results.

Now for tonight. I'm not going anywhere. There will be wine, there will be delivery and I will FINALLY get to eat something good.


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