Monday, April 12, 2010

A Toast to Old Friends

This guy - old two fister - went ahead and got himself hitched this weekend. I'm so glad. See the attractive blond on the left there? That's his beautiful bride. See the slightly skeptical look on her face? I'm going to guess that wasn't the last time she looked at him that way. (And see that guy in the background? Alien Nation fan. Huge.)

Jim and I used to work together - along with a whole cast of interesting characters. There were plenty of happy hours and a whole lot of good times. Some of which I can even remember.

I've been looking forward to getting to celebrate this day with them for ages. Well, at least for as long as I'd known I was actually invited. I knew I'd see some of our old crew there and I knew it would be an outstanding time.

As we were desperately combing the suburban streets for the wedding I saw another car driving hastily two blocks ahead of us. I guessed correctly that they were also going to the wedding. Even more accurately - there were my old work peeps. Of course we'd be arriving moments before the ceremony was scheduled to start. We clattered into the (St. James church, of course) adjusting skirt hems and checking tie knots.

There was Jim in the entry way, looking cool and jovial. I momentarily reflected on my state of mind on my wedding day (harried at best - homicidal at worst. Matt threatened to strangle me at the reception if I didn't chill out. And that, dear friends, is how you build a successful marriage to me.) Conversely, my friend was happily hugging guests and having what appeared to be a great time.

The ceremony was beautiful - although nothing can compare to the bride. Her wedding dress was stunning. She looked flawless, not a hair out of place, serene smile on her face. Gorgeous. I'd show you a picture, but of course my camera isn't working. (OF COURSE.)

Immediately after the ceremony, our crew bolted past the receiving line and headed straight to Crave. I'd heard good things and thankfully, it was happy hour. I ordered a rail rum and Coke made with Cruzan rum - not bad. Not bad at all - especially for $5. We also got the loaded fries with cheddar cheese and bacon as well as some Korean chicken nuggets. The fries were good and the little nuggets were tasty - not too sweet. I didn't really detect much of a miso flavor, that the menu suggested, but they were fried tasty nuggets. It was kind of a no brainer. I'm going to have to go back for another try.

We got caught up, ("WHO is getting married? WHAT? Nooo." "Are you sure he never served any time?" "Literally hit by a dump truck?" "I can't believe he never got fired. I tried to fire him, but he was too engrossed in solitaire to hear me." "He's working where
? No kidding." or my favorite, "What are you going to do with barrels full of pig fetuses!?")

It was time to hit the reception (and for me, the free wine, because really? Would you expect anything less of me?)

Soon after we found the bar, we saw Jim pour out of the back of the limo with his entourage.

He was clearly having a fantastic time.

We all made our way into the dining area to find that we'd been sequestered at the back of the room. Table 25. Clearly, the troublemakers. I kept making, "Nobody puts baby in a corner jokes until I thought for sure they were going to kick me off the island.

They also had a photobooth in the back of the room. Matt and I made total fools of ourselves there as well. The night came to an end for us all too soon - baby sitter needed some assistance. Apparently, our kid had learned to spontaneously combust while levitating and it was freaking her out a bit.

I predict a decent happy hour soon - one where I actually take a picture of Jane. Right now the only one I've got of her was taken very late at night and there may have been a feather boa involved. Maybe next time.


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