Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Morning

It was surprisingly easy to pull myself out of bed this morning. I crashed pretty early, snuggling in with my cuddly husband. I fell asleep quickly.

I went about my usual morning routine of making coffee, kicking the cat, trying to tame my hair into a presentable shape (really need to get a haircut.) I'd make a lovely little fried egg from the eggs that I got from Bar 5 Farms at the St. Paul Farmer's Market this weekend. I grabbed my New French sourdough toast and headed to the couch, where it's my custom to watch about five semi-tolerable minutes of the Today Show. I got to the coffee table and found this:

The note says:

For the Record

I don't know nothing about no Jimmy John's. It was an accident. One minute I'm chillin on the couch and the next there's a man on the porch with a big sandwich. What was a supposed to do?


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