Sunday, February 10, 2008

Want Some? or Every Day Should Be This Good

Okay, it's just wacky cold outside. (-45 degrees is NOT fit for habitation.) I allowed Daisy, our temporary canine visitor out to do her business and lost all feeling in my toes while waiting in the mud room while she happily bounded around the frozen landscape. Therefore, I have pledged that I will not be going anywhere. It is too damn cold to do any damn thing. My day began with three cups of Dunn Bro's coffee, scrambled eggs on fresh ciabatta with strawberry jam from my mom. I've accomplished about fifty loads of laundry, and some general cleaning. By 2:30 ish, I decided I'd earned a break. I drew a steamy bubble bath and squirted down the room with Lilly of the Valley Eau de Parfum. I soaked and savored. Matt fed me spoonfuls of liquid brownie mixture. Not having the committment to laziness that I do, he'd gone out and bought Hope Creamery Butter and Gharidelli dark chocolate. After I got out and moisturized with my fancy lotions, the brownies were just about done. I pulled out a hunk anyway. I have my gooey warm brownie square, Daisy curled up next to me and a tall glass of cool milk. I could get used to this kind of living. I think it's just about time to get to that pedicure I've been putting off. Happy weekend, everybody!


At 9:26 AM , Anonymous j.lo said...

My exciting weekend? I did my taxes and had to pay in (tinkering with my withholding was not a good choice in '07). For my reward (and because I couldn't afford anything more), I enjoyed a pint of Haagen-Dazs Extra Rich Light Caramel Cone ice cream. Wow: salty caramel swirls and dark chocolate dipped crunchy cone bits. I think I'm in love!


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