Wednesday, December 05, 2007

You're Never Gonna Believe This, Ray

I just had actual, physical contact with food from a Food Court. I'm talkin' real food here, man! Right there past the McChickey Fried Poo burger and the Subway sandwiches stuffed with hate was a little stand serving food!
Now, this isn't my first experience with this place. I didn't believe my mouth the few times I'd been there before. It's called the Fusion Grill and it's located in the State Fare (groan) area of Gaviidae Commons. A friend of mine that had been working on shedding a few pounds first recommended their vegetables and rice bowls. Hmmm... sounds tasty. Yeah, I'll be over here with the fried sandwich covered in sauce, but you enjoy that for me. Okay, buh - bye.
Then, a couple of months later, fried sandwich stuck to my meaty thighs and middle region, I decided to give it a go. On one side of the counter is a bored looking Asian woman waiting to hand you sushi and on the other side are two charming Mexican women dishing up cooked dishes. I stared at the sushi options. They looked tempting, but I decided to go with the fresh springrolls. They were tasty! The shrimp didn't taste anything like licking the bottom of a dingy - which is what I was expecting. The veggies were crisp and the gummy wrapper wasn't too gooey or dry. And the little sucker kept me full for quite a while. Of course, I figured that would be a one time visit. I hate food courts.
Then, on another work day, I was nursing a pretty decent headache and was feeling a little shakey. I was craving carbs in the worst way. Again I found myself staring at the food court options. The Great Steak Mistake, Tortilla Ria-gonna Eat That? BroadAss Pizza... McDonald's Tasty Fries... What the hell. I wanted something spicy to chase away the demons in my hair that were cursing me and my decision making abilities. I ordered the spicy noodles from Fusion Grill. They weren't quite as spicy as I liked but I choose to live on the tundra with the Swedes - I know what the prevailing heat sensibilities are. The noodles, considered a side dish, only cost me a little over a buck! And I got a huge scoop of spaghetti noodles with a light coating of red chili flakes, mixed with napa cabbage and carrots. It was so good! A little bland, but exactly what I was looking for. I scarfed it down and chased it with my fourth liter of water for the day. Clouds parted, sparrows chirped - life was beautiful! I chalked it up to my fuzzy-mindedness.
Now, here I am today, trying to resist the Styrofoam box sitting next to me and sniffling my nose. I have a spicy, sweet, hot box of curried chicken in there - and she calls to me. Oh, sweet Ganesha this stuff is good! It's decent curry - did I mention it's from a food court? I tried that Indian restaurant in downtown a couple of months ago and that place was rank. Maybe I went on an off day, but the super dry Tandoori chicken and the cold, fried vegetables made me question the denizens flocking there. No - that was terrible. This is good. If you have an Indian craving when trapped under the shadow of the IDS building, you should really head this-a-way. It's chicken thigh meat, diced bell peppers and quartered potatoes smothered in a hot, creamy sauce. You can have it served over white rice or fried. I got the fried rice and I'm not really sure that it made a difference because the curry flavor is pretty strong. The friendly lady just kept ladling food into this little box. It's enough food to feed four people! I gawked and then thanked her for my hefty container. While I was being rung up, I looked into the back prep area. There was a guy at a grill actually grilling chicken breasts - not frying, not microwaving a thing!
I lugged my lunch back to my cubicle and lo and behold - the tastiness! I even had to stop reading my favorite time waster blog to come and tell you about it! And now, I am uncomfortably full. I really should have let those three other people help me out because I am telling you people that is way too much food for only 5 dollars and change. And now, I'm sitting here wishing I'd worn my fat pants and smelling like the back seat of a cab minus Curious stink. My coworkers must hate me. Between the smell and the slacking - I'm not exactly the most popular girl in the company. I don't care, though. I've got my curry and my Internet connection and my special pen set and I don't need ANYBODY!


At 11:14 AM , Anonymous J.Lo said...

Ah, yes, the Fusion Grill. Remember their fish I used to get when my innyrds [sic] needed a McBreak? Lightly sauteed and served up with a slew of tasty veggies for like $5.25... healthy, filling, cheap and, amazingly - to this 'Donalds devotee and vegetable avoider - delicious.


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