Friday, December 07, 2007

Bring on Eddie and the Eggnog

I'm so geeked out about Christmas already and I haven't even done anything about it yet! Okay, I guess the two teeny presents I've bought count for something, but they were really impusively purchased at the store where my mom and sister work.

Usually, I wait until after my birthday to declare the holiday season officially begun, but I'm 31 this year. It seems gauche to be the complete birthday whore that I've been in the past now that I'm finally the age where they stop carding me. In fact, they don't even pretend. There's a faraway, Bitch needs her roots done, look in the cashier's eyes while she swipes away my wine, rum, vodka and E&J purchases. (Thankfully, Matt's older than me by a few months and his new brandy drinking, classical music listening, Lawrence Welk watching self makes me feel lik a spring chicken. No. I'm not kidding. He really has been watching Lawrence Welk lately - without even a hint of irony!)

So now, we're deep in sloppy, beautiful snow I'm ready to get my holiday swerve on. I work at an ad agency - which is so friggin' cool I can't even tell you - where they're looping Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, A Christmas Story and A Charlie Brown Christmas over and over on the plasma monitor by my desk. I've watched my family's traditional holiday movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation twice and I'm hoping to get a few more viewings in before the fat elf brings me my loot.

I'm even considering attempting to BAKE this weekend. I know - horror of Oven drenched horrors. My mom always made this awesome cardamom bread for Christmas. It's spicey, sweet and gooey. Lately, though, she's slacked off. I suppose it's my turn, but the last time I attempted it I forgot to put the eggs in. Lesson learned - eggs are essential in most doughs. Unless they're vegan. Which I would probably never attempt. Because, seriously, you need eggs.

There's so much coming up to be excited about, too, there's the Milestone That Wasn't on Monday and next Friday is my company's holiday party. The first event is that I'm going to the KDWB Jingle Ball tonight. Isn't that the most hilarious thing ever? I mean, I don't know if you've picked up on it or anything, but I am not exactly the core KDWB listener. (See above age admission.) I've never even seen an episode of American Idol, but there's gonna be two of 'em there. I HATE Avril Lavine with a passion I usually reserve for Suburban Humvee drivers and yet - here I go! Why - por que - you may ask? Because it's free. I'm so lucky to get to go with some work friends. Also, there will be free food and booze. I can overcome a lot with the aid of a gratis buzz.

So Rock Out With Your Socks Out, my little Elfkins. This holiday is kickin' in to high gear. YEE HAW! Bring on the eggnog!



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