Friday, January 05, 2007


Wassup mah bitches!?
I'm sorry, the pictures that I've been getting of this kid are killing me! Allow me to introduce you to Emma Jean Melius- just how cute is she!? My girl's Kelly and Penny (formerly) Conley both had baby girls just before the holidays. Two sisters that got pregs within two weeks of one another! Those crazy kids do everything together. So, between them and my cousin Mara, my entire holiday line of quesitoning was baby related. You know, nobody asked me how much nookie I was getting before I got married. Now, everybody's all up in my bizzanaz. I suppose that's what family and friends are for. If your single, it's are you seeing anybody? Or worse, why haven't you found anybody -- which is just mean. Then you're dating and people start asking when are you getting married? And now the baby question. I'm holding Penny, Kelly and Mara personally accountable for at least 75% of the familial harassment I was forced to endure this holiday season. 'Course it was good to see everyone, but I'm exhausted. Did you make it through scott free? I doubt it. What is it about the people that you love the most that they are the first to get just right under your skin?
I talked with my sister (we'll call her Typhoid Mary for the purposes of this article) on the phone the other night and suddenly I'm 10 and I want to tell her to stop touching my stuff!!! It never ends. I'm a thirty year old brat. But that's one of my charming points too.
And boy, oh, boy did I eat well over the holidays. My Great Auntie Joy bought us a prime rib the size of Manhattan. Typhoid is totally the anal-retentive chef and fussed and fussed over her creation of the perfect Yorkshire pudding. What a meal. We paired it with a really good Zin and all was right in the world. It was even snowing! We're goddamn Currier and Ives, I'll tell ya.
Everything since then has been all about hybernation. I haven't been going out to eat. I haven't even been cooking! I've been heating, which is a sorry state for my kitchen. The microwave has been getting so much action, the springs are busting.
But, hopefully, now that I'm over the Death Cold - evil sister!- I'm ready to start my new year off with some new restaurants. Next week I'll FINALLY be getting over to see the Ice bar at the Chambers Hotel. I'm also looking forward to checking out the new Shamrocks (I could do without that name) in St. Paul that's being taken over by the dudes that run the Nook. I could soon be living blocks away from one of the best Juicy Lucy's in town! I'll keep you posted.


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