Thursday, December 14, 2006

An Ode to Taco John's

After weeks of sucking down Lean Cuisines and so called Smart Ones, I broke down and went to Taco John's yesterday. It was glorious. I was inspired to epic lengths.
Taco! Taco! in my sight
From the store of tummy delights
What immortal hand or eye
Can feed my terrible hunger nigh?

In what distant heap of fries
Ole`s and softshells cause my sighs
In what sack, do I aspire
For the taco of my desire
And then stupid reality came crashing in. I've got to get my picture taken on Saturday. Anyone know a crash diet that can shed a good 20 lbs in three days? No? Hrmpf. What good are you people for anyway! I'm going to sip a Crystal Light and sulk now.


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