Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

And my commute should be quite delightful. But since I'm to go with the flow... let it snow let it snow let it snow.

I've only been planning the dinner I was going to make all week! Probably longer. Eric and I have been trying to get together, but something always seems to come up! Finally, tonight things were going to change and he was going to bring me good wine. He, Pierre, Matt and I were to sit down to something scrumptious, but what? I was wracking my brain. First, there's the stove to contend with, which I'm not even going to get into at this point, because you've got to be sick of me bitching about it. Then there's the actual meal. So far, I've been skating along - no pun intended (look at that poor guy in the ditch up there!) But, I'd been making my most tried and true recipes. These are dishes I could cook in the dark, or oven a molten electrical element, whatever the case may be. But Eric and I have been cooking in tandem for years! I couldn't feed him my equivalent of PB&J. Besides, I don't think that I've cooked for Pierre before and I'm really quite vain about my culinary reputation. (Yeah, never picked up on that, didja?)
Weeks and weeks of pouring over my tomes of cuisine. To add an extra twist, because it's Christmas this weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to keep it healthy and light.
The very second inspiration struck, the rain turned to snow and my dinner plans were all but demolished. Stupid White Christmas Danny Kaye Singing/Dancing Snow Gods!! I had a great dinner menu.
So, I give you, the Dinner that Never Was:
Warmed pita wedges and smoky hummus for appetizers
A salad of orange wedges with shallot slices and red wine vinaigrette
And entree Smoked trout on caraway flat bread with shaved fennel, chevre, Parmesan slivers, drizzled with lavender honey.
Doesn't that sound fancy pants incredible! But, no. Now, I'm going to have to brave the treacherous roads just to get to my house, where we barely even have any groceries! I'm going to end up eating Bumblebee Tuna out of the can.
Sigh. At least it's still healthy, right? Yeah, whole lotta cold comfort that is.


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