Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lost on You

GAH! I spent at least a solid hour writing up a HIGHLARIOUS new post and the effer just takes off on me! What's up with that.? Oh, well. It wasn't really a very good meal anyway.
Instead, I'll just tell you about the last meal I ate, because really, it's been way too long between posts here. The four of you that read this occassionally have probably given up on me.
Last night I had a lovely dinner at the Muddy Pig with my wonderful husband. I feel like we always have the best conversations there. The music is always great, and I think that puts me in a good mood. We heard Mason Jennings (which I sang a little bit. I live for public humiliation.) There was the Beatles, "Two of Us," GREAT song, Modest Mouse, Ella Fitgerald. It was great. We feasted on the same damn thing we get almost every time. It's called Pastalaya, which I agree, is a really stupid name for a neighborhood restaurant to be employing. Really, that's something Applebees would serve. (Whaddup Laura! Woot!) But it's damn tasty and the perfect thing to cause a little spike in the blood pressure. Seriously, one serving and you've got your sodium intake for the week taken care of. It's sauteed kilbesa, ham, green peppers (which I usually hate, and are easy to avoid) onion that creates this greasy "sauce," if you can call it that. Really, it's more like "fat drippings" and it's all tossed together with penne pasta. It's so good and only $11! Since we are still, to use that ugly little euphamism "poor" (almost types poop. Oops.) This is an ideal dinner. Also, I was able to get myself a cheap $6 glass of totally drinkable red table wine. Woo hoo! Now, that's a date night.
Then we had to leave and go to the bar he works at for an after dinner drink. $6 wine is only allowed in small doses on this budget. Poop indeed.


At 10:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Applebees in Block E...That's what being po' will do to a foodie.


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