Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cafe Barbette

I am lookin' smart today. Sportin' a brand new beaming sunburn right on the top of my forehead. But that's okay, it was worth it. Sunday morning I hiked up to my favorite breakfast spot, Cafe Barbette. One of my favorite things about the place is the lack of lines whenever I go there. (Try that at the nearby Uptown with the 45 minute wait; your hangover knocking on the door.) Occassionally, I've gone and had to wait a couple of minutes for a dinner spot, but never for breakfast.
The inside is decorated with a sweet bohemian flare not seen in these parts of Minneapolis since the loss of the Loring. Along the sidewalk in the summer Barbette sets out some cute multi-colored wood tables next to standing flower boxes. The boxes are currently filled with some unfortunate little plastic flowers that apparently cost $1.99 plus tax somewhere. But I forgive them. I forgive the occassional distracted server, too. These people are there as much for their hipster stylings as their ability to walk back and forth from the kitchen. But when it all comes together, the right server, the right specials, the right early morning sunshine, you've got yourself something close to Nirvana, my friend.
My sweetie accompanies me, and he almost always without fail orders the eggs benedict. Depending on whether or not I'm wearing my sassy pants, I might be inclined to razz him about this. In truth, though, I can't blame him. The eggs benny are ALWAYS good. Seriously. I've never had a separated hollindaise or a cold poached egg. The eggs are bought at a local farm as well as the ham and you can taste the difference. This is no Moon Over My Hammy.
I usually try to mix it up a bit; trying different things when I'm there. The special scrambles are wonderful. I think my all time favorite was "French" style scramble with gooey Grueyre cheese, fluer de sel, truffle oil and cream. It was richer than Daddy Warbucks! The waffles and French toast are served with real maple syrup. After years of hauling sap in my youth I can tell the difference between the real stuff and its corn syrup-y cousin at 20 paces. I am a total, unabashed syrup snob and theirs is wonderful. I love the cute little French Toasts made with brioche that aboslutely melt in your mouth.
I haven't braved a Bloody Mary or beer with brunch there yet, but I have tried the Guiness with a shot of espresso in it. What a decadent way to start a day full of nothing but lazing around. A wonderful way to start a Sunday.


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