Monday, May 23, 2005

My Favorite Rant

If there is one thing that I cannot abide, it is the half assed. I would rather have an experience so horrendously awful that it can at least be recycled into a decent cocktail party punch line. In no other way do I believe in this ideal as feverently as I do when I go out. Is there anything worse than finsihing a meal and thinking, Well, there's an hour and 30 bucks I'm never going to see again? Besides, this is the Midwest. We're ingrained with the belief this this is our hard earned money. Gawd forbid we waste it. At least with some excellent service, a perfectly prepared steak, or a top shelf 2 for 1, there's the possibily of rationalization and if you're lucky, a good buzz.
In my search of the Great Going Out Experience, I've had a lot of good, bad and terrifically half assed expereiences. This is just my little way of sharing my far from humble opinions. Please post your feedback... Well, as long as you put some fire into it.


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